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The flights from Rome to Bangkok go smoothly, for the exception that I've brought a big European cold with me. I'm sure, when we get out of the (second) plane after ten hours, I gave it to everyone else.
Once in Bangkok, I'm fortunate again. I end up in a lovely hostel run by a Frenchman. For breakfast, there is baguette (real baguette). Delicious!
I get on an old bus that brings me to Ayuthaya. I'm kicked out on the side of the highway. My map informs me that it's an hours walk to town, two hours to my hostel. But of course, a number of taxis are available.
In Sukhothai, the cheapest accommodation is also the most beautiful. There are only single rooms. This little town is not exactly on the main tourist route.
Pai is widely regarded as a hippie oasis and pearl of the north of Thailand. It's a small village located in a broad valley, surrounded by green mountains.
This is the first time that I write a text about three cities. I'm sure some people have experienced extraordinary things in these places. Only, I haven't.