From mine to yours! ;-)
I'm sitting on the cliff, my head in the wind and once more I feel at peace. Unencumbered by the people surrounding me, I can finally look around in wonder.
"I would be interested to know why you chose Iran as the most dangerous country and not Russia, India, Nepal or China?" Because its a long and winding answer, I start at the beginning...
Leo asked me a good question: "What was an encounter that you still like to think back to?" The answer is very long. Here we go...
A summary of sorts, trying to put down what I've learned travelling from Germany to Australia, mostly over land in 2 years.
Before I can immerse myself in my here and now and tell you guys about Sydney, I need time. Good things take a while. There is a litany of things I want to reiterate. So here it goes...
I take my big break in small steps. Change takes time, and I have learned that if I don't give myself enough of it, things go wrong. I change pace and take the pressure out.
I sit on Manly Beach and watch three cocky young men play in the shark-infested water. It's cold in Sydney. Winter.
Kuala Lumpur is big and crowded. From the bus stop to my hostel I take a taxi, which I share with a New Zealander and two Britons who rode in on the same bus.
In Malaysia, I relax when I realise that there are women on the streets. I see them with or without the headscarf, with or without the burka, with or without children, accompanied by their husbands or on their own.

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