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I arrived in the here and now. When writing articles, I constantly jump back and forth between the time forms. I don't know how much you guys notice this kind of thing, but it throws me. I would like this place to be consistent. The funky and immediate presence sneaks into my head again and again. It's nice to be able to write so directly, but it makes reflection weird. I need to look back, so I don't ramble and cut out everything superfluous to create beautiful texts. In the now, most of the time I have no idea what's going on around me. The foreign language, the foreign culture, the foreign food, the foreign people, it's all very confusing. I must first experience before I can write. Often I don't even know what's going on inside myself. It's the moment when I usually start with a text. The first versions are often embarrassing, and if my sister didn't ask all the right questions, I don't know how much I would put on this virtual page.

Since I will probably spend the summer here in Samara, I decided to post only twice a week instead of the previous three times. Between teaching, learning Russian and organising my future travelling, my head is occupied. So from now on, you can expect a new post on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


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Besides, Маша и Медведь (Masha and the Bear). I love it. Have fun watching!

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